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At the end of 2015 I obtained my 200hrs vinyasa yoga certificate at Yoga Moves in Utrecht. I first came in contact with yoga in 2005 when I took Vijnana classes with Eveline Torres in Amsterdam. I started practicing Hatha yoga regularly as part of my choreography BA (2010-2013). I enjoy mixing other body awareness techniques into yoga practice and invite students to explore their body in movement, questioning how it likes to move; the yoga poses offer a framework for exploration, not a fixed goal. Since I graduated I have taught yoga classes at Wolfaert Projectspaces (Rotterdam), Gallerij West (Den Haag), Ppauw Eco Village (Wageningen) and BARA N53 yoga studio (Zutphen: all in Holland).

Emmy Meijer, owner of Bara N53:

This morning I participated in two lessons taught by Verena, the Slow Flow Vinyasa and the Dance Yoga, both special and beautiful (body) experiences.

The first lesson was a fluid journey through the body. Researching how you can and want to move joints and limbs. A lot of feeling and moving from feeling. The lesson was soft, harmonious and intuitive.

The Dance Yoga class was different: more research, feeling, experimenting, exploring your own body in motion. Playful and spatial (at one point no one was lying on his own mat 😉). Moving from the head and pelvis as starting points. Not what I expected, I thought dance yoga would be moving to the rhythm of music, but this was moving to enjoy my body. Very special and nice to do, to experience and get to know myself in this way.

Verena has a beautiful view of the body and the possibilities you have to move. From human development (fetus in womb) and also from the evolution of single cells to the origin of man and all stages of development in between; all possibilities of movement are present within us. Fascinating to be engaged in this way with movements and yoga postures.

Verena has nice use of language, poetic and humorous and she has a good voice, soft but powerful. As a teacher she is strong and what makes her lessons so beautiful is in my opinion that everything she offers comes from 100% lived experience.


Pictures below are from a workshop at the Soil Culture Forum ( in July 2014, Falmouth, UK. SOIL CULTURE YOGA B STOKES2SOIL CULTURE YOGA B STOKES3