community experiments

work with children

With children I create immersive worlds, where an activity in one medium i.e. drawing a creature, is translated into other media such as creating its costume, putting it on, exploring how you can move in it, creating a story with other creatures that have emerged in similar fashion. A focus is on experiential learning and realisation of a student’s own ideas. A key aspect is to explore our five senses and develop kineasthetic awareness. In our present culture and education system rational thinking is highly valued, leaving our bodies desensitized and unexplored. Since we perceive the world firstly through our physical senses and all our actions are based on our perception, physical awareness encourages human development on all levels. Through sensory awareness (touch, smell, sight) I encourage students to engage with our natural environment; allowing them understand their own connection to all life forms. Crafting from recycled materials is one of the ways that I invite students to think about environmental issues.

In 2007 I worked with various groups of refugee children in Finland. Since 2011 I have taught workshops for primary schools, Green Moves (, Eden Project, Truro City of Lights, Day-Light (, Chyan Community Field, Nature Workshops in Cornwall, and X-Church Lincolnshire, UK. Green Moves was organised by myself and supported by Falmouth University and the EU Convergence Fund.

Through working  with Daylight I have learned about withy lantern making and shadow puppetry.