community experiments


Verena has been enthusiastic in not only working within the community and educational settings but also in the making process, showing that she is very capable in all these areas. It has been a pleasure working with her as she has contributed a wealth ideas, time and practical skills.

Clare Summerson, Daylight artist


Verena taught me and friends of mine alternative dancing. For me it was the reentering to hidden world of my soul. I could recall all soft magic skills which were forgotten.

Markets Ubikova, student 


She has led group sessions and has also worked on a one-to-one basis [with residents]. Verena delivers her sessions with personal warmth and our residents respond to her calm and gentle personality.

Val James, King Charles Court Nursing Home


Verena’s teaching skills are good. So are the movements, activites and general ideas. The children each have their own favourite activities.

Val Stevens, Garras Primary School