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about me


My name is Verena – I am from Holland. I’ve spent the best part of 2006-2013 studying movement arts (contemporary dance, dance improvisation, contact improvisation, ballet, Butoh, Body Weather, Yoga, Five Rhythms, authentic movement, Body Mind Centering, Sensory Awareness, experiential anatomy, choreography) in Finland, Denmark, UK and Holland. From 2010 increasingly other media have come into my creative work such as photography, video, projection and working with materials and objects. I completed a BA in choreography with visual practices at Falmouth University (2012) and call myself an interdisciplinary performance artist. But researching embodiment and its changeability is a never ending source of fascination. From studying at Basis door de Aktuele Kunsten in Utrecht, Netherlands ( and an MA Fine Art at Lincoln University (2016) I am researching how sensory experience, rather than just optical knowing or rationalising, contributes to the creation of a relationship between any two sentient beings. Increasingly I find my art work becomes interactive experiences where each participant contributes. I have been teaching workshops to all ages and various abilities in UK, Finland and Netherlands since 2007.